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Flyer’s Risk Gateway

a.k.a. Formula One or F1 Gateway

Flyer’s multi-asset trade risk platform provides a unified solution for financial controls. Functions either as a FIX gateway and router, or as an out-of-band monitor, to seamlessly aggregate trades across accounts or underlying assets applying customized risk templates. Web dashboard provides visibility and alerts in real time.

Built on top of the Flyer FIX Engine, it offers unparalleled performance as a software risk gateway, leveraging all of the general purpose capabilities of the engine and providing seamless integration.


Multi-asset-class aware to monitor and alert sophisticated client order flow to maintain financial controls

  • A single technology platform that supports equities, futures, options
  • In-band solution that adds minimal order latency to the market
  • Monitor trading activity across accounts, clients, and customizable groupings

Compliance Oriented

Specific compliance level risk monitoring that enables the broker-dealer to adhere to regulatory obligations and maintain a fair and equal market. Handle MiFID II requirements like commodity derivative position limits and high precision timestamps.

Seamless Integration

Integrate key workflows into the platform to provide seamless integration with business procedures and processes.

Empower the Trading Desk with Real-time Control and Visibility

  • Certified and normalized FIX routing to hundreds of global markets
  • Integrates with all leading vendor trading systems and networks
  • Easy-to-use web console for on-the-fly configuration and interaction with actionable orders – Quickly halt trading, restrict users, disable clients, and change white or black symbol lists
  • Order entry tools for adjusting positions on the fly

Simplify IT and Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Compatible with vendor and proprietary Order Management Systems
  • Simplifies drop copies with a single normalized feed into your back office systems
  • Turnkey integration with the Flyer Daytona alerting, monitoring and trade surveillance platform – Leverages open standards for per session message throttling
  • Supports automatic expiration of client orders based on time to fill
  • API access for all gateway and risk functions

Gives you control when risk controls are breached

  • Warn with alerts — send an email or raise a Daytona alert, but pass the order through to the destination
  • Pause with alerts — requires manual intervention and routes the order to an internal blotter for manual intervention
  • Reject with alerts — reject the order with an explanation. Optionally raise an alert using our Daytona monitoring application

Formula One’s console application gives you control when risk checks are breached. Order messages that trigger the checks can raise alerts, send automatic rejects, or pause the workflow for manual intervention.

Risk Templates

Configure risk controls and extend boundaries per-order or by aggregated position, including compliance level risk.  Examples include:

  • Position Limits that are aggregated per asset class or by instrument so you can monitor entire risk exposure, supporting equities, options, and futures
  • Message Restrictions and validations, by approved FIX message types or symbols, market destination, and other parameters
  • System Level checks connection status, latency level checks
  • Notional Value and order quantity thresholds
  • Dynamic Price Rules that test price collars either raise warnings or are rejected Order Instruction check for illegal combinations of order modifiers
  • Stale Order checks that block transactions that are too old compared to the actual received time
  • Duplicate Order detection by order ID and other parameters
  • Short Validation to halt trades requiring a locate on an instrument not commonly available. Includes hard to borrow quantity check

For Brokers and Asset Managers

Monitor the risk of your trading across platforms and venues to ensure compliance with Rule 15c3–5

For Exchanges

Protect your matching engine and control access to trading, cut off problematic flow at the edge of your network.

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