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FIS® Pricing Data Services

FIS® Pricing Data Services provides an end-to-end solution beginning with the automated collection of data from the vendors of your choice and validation against other data vendors to ensure all prices are accurate. Our clients have the option to enlist FIS to perform a degree of the exception management on their behalf and present the results for final review via our online portal.  Alternatively, exceptions can be presented to the client to review through our online portal, and users can perform the exception review and approval, triggering price distribution to downstream system(s).

Pricing Data Services helps all types of asset managers and fund servicing firms to mitigate risk, provide transparency and control, improve operational efficiency, and increase return on investment.

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FIS Balance Sheet Manager - Liquidity Risk

FIS Balance Sheet Manager – Liquidity helps banks build up a liquidity risk management infrastructure on an operative as well as a strategic level, going beyond “minimum” regulatory requirements.

FIS Credit Assessment

FIS Credit Assessment manages all commercial credit assessment and customer risk rating – including probability of default and loss given default – with industry-specific financial spreading and analysis – in one solution.

FIS® Corporate Actions Election Portal (formerly eTRAN+)

Run this user-friendly and  time-efficient web-based election module in used in conjunction with the FIS® Corporate Actions Manager Suite (formerly XSP).  Whether your customers are professional portfolio managers or individual investors, they can use FIS® Corporate Actions Election Portal (formerly eTRAN+) to review the terms of any corporate actions that may affect their holdings and make their …