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First Rate Professional

First Rate Professional, the calculation engine for the First Rate solution, gives peace of mind to your team. Your portfolio accounting information is loaded and audited seamlessly by using the First Rate “Lights Out” process. 

“Lights Out” automatically performs the load processes, calculates performance returns and executes sophisticated systemic audits the instant your accounting data is received. Performance calculations are also reviewed by our in-house experts to insure the highest quality data is utilized for the final calculation and your portfolio’s performance results. As accounts are finalized you can link directly into First Rate Advisor, the web-based reporting solution for all of your analysis and reporting needs.
First Rate Solutions
  • Sophisticated performance calculation engine, that provides daily, month-to- date, monthly and selected point-to- point returns
  • Money Weighted Rates of Return
  • Time Weighted Rates of Return
  • Systematic tools to audit your data and provide confidence in your investment results
  • Automated audit processes to identify data exceptions for cash positions, holdings and other financial data – this is the baseline for insuring data integrity for performance reporting
  • Automated review of rate of returns for acceptable results relative to tolerances based upon benchmarks or model portfolios
  • Online research and editing tools assist the investment professional to quickly identify data exceptions and out of balances and then to perform online drill-downs to the asset or transaction in question to correct the issue immediately and automatically recalculate performance
  • User audits allow management to review all manual edits, additions or changes to the underlying data by user, type and date
  • Global changes to pricing or transactions are the solution to having to reload all data to resolve a single issue
  • Portfolios are flagged based upon the results of the automated data audits and validations to provide the investment professional with an up-to-date status on the portfolio
  • Multi-currency performance returns and values in both base and local currency
  • Performance calculations that support the GIPS 2010 recommendations
  • Multi-Tiered, client defined security classification schema, supports up to 3 separate asset classification schemas simultaneously for industry, style or client defined classifications
  • Flexible, web-based reporting solution for creating client presentations and performing online analysis with selections for time periods, sectors or asset classes and benchmarks
  • First Rate is a recognized leader in customer satisfaction with over 17 years of experience in providing performance solutions to the investment services industry

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