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First Rate Advisor

This First Rate solution for reporting and analysis is the web-based experience known as Advisor. Advisor empowers investment professionals to create customized, client-ready performance analysis presentations with just a few clicks of the mouse. First Rate Advisor enables immediate access to rates of return and the supporting data through easy-to-use, web-based tables and graphs featuring complete drill-down capabilities.

Users may view performance results for their portfolios online with the asset classifications, time periods and benchmarks they prefer for a quick review of the portfolio experience. This online review allows a user to select one portfolio or multiple portfolios; this is all controlled by the user as they view the information online. For users who need to delve deeper into the values or returns they are reviewing online, First Rate has the solution with online drill-downs. This solution allows the user to drill down to the asset level return.

 For investment professionals that require flexibility in reporting, Advisor has over 40 reporting templates with built in flexibility that allows the user to create their own parameters of reporting.

 This includes:

  • Time period selections
  • Asset classes, categories or sectors
  • Benchmarks

Reporting includes:

  • Templates with graphical reporting for Performance and Asset Allocations
  • Risk/Return analysis
  • Risk Statistic Reporting
  • Target versus Actual allocation reporting
  • Attribution Reporting
  • Money Weighted and Time Weighted Rates of Return
  • Multi-panel reporting with text and graphics
  • Sector sources of return
  • Security level returns
  • Multi-currency with region and country classifications
  • Multi-platform asset classification schema
  • Composites, Householding and Aggregates

Advisor also offers a full report packaging solution that assists investment professionals to build a presentation that is formatted to your specifications and automatically collated. An advisor may include cover pages, market commentaries, disclaimers and any supplemental information that is required for the client reporting package.


For investment professionals who have a need to create multiple presentations for volumes of portfolios or relationships the solution is Managed Reporting. This supports the investment professional to create reporting packages that will compile in the background while still having the ability to continue to navigate within the Advisor.

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