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Bucharest, ROMANIA Head Office

23C, Calea Vitan




Rasvan Stanescu
[email protected]

FinTP, a platform for processing financial transactions

FinTP is a complete open source application that processes transactions, automates flows and offers compliance to regulatory and industry standards. Our guaranteed distribution of FinTP is aimed to grow competitiveness,offer operational risk containment, make financial processing systems affordable.

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FMA provides flexible reliable platform for building disaster-tolerant SWIFT Alliance Access computing environments, by real time mirroring SWIFT transactions&routing rules between two remote sites. Beside this,it offers a monitoring subsystem (business&tech),a procedure&event management subsystem.


Esfera allows to set-up a virtual process and resource control environment, enabling process management focused on customer project delivery, assets and resources management. Esfera Suite assists the planning, execution, control and flexible correction of the business processes and resources.