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René Lemme
[email protected]

FinCASE for Investigations

Efficient Complaint Management for Banking Transactions

Our service with our customers since more than 20 years approves that about 4% of all foreign payments cause demands, corrections or complaints. Due to an increasing sensitivity regarding checks for money laundering and embargo, the use of an automated demand management is indispensable.


FinCASE for Investigations is an intuitive and efficient way to electronically record complaints: either from different sources such as SWIFT, e-mail and fax or directly via the use of open gateways and/or an API to third-party applications (e.g. for nostro reconciliation, money laundering or e-banking). The central instrument is the maintenance of an electronic process file which is optimised for the processing, managing and analysing of demands regarding financial transactions. For the processing, an individual process can be parametrised so that all demands are generally transacted according to consistent standards. With its open structure, FinCASE for Investigations allows a quick integration and/or connection to other systems in order to enrich the process file with databases from bank applications, such as payment data or customer data. Moreover, FinCASE for Investigations supports the SWIFT Global Payment Innovation (GPI) standard for a fast handling of reclaims.

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