Financial Statement Printing and Fulfillment

Full service digital printing, color imaging, statement rendering, TransPromo printing, literature fulfillment and high security data management.

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Eze Investor Accounting

Eze Investor Accounting combines a full general ledger and accounts payable system with an extraordinary allocation engine. Eze IA makes it easy to allocate a central cost center across multiple trading groups and legal entities using a percentage, fixed, or formulaic basis.

Eze Marketplace

Eze Marketplace is the fast and easy way to extend your Eze platforms and solve your business challenges quickly. Eze Marketplace gives you plug-and-play access to a rapidly growing menu of ready-to-enable solutions directly from SS&C and other trusted partners.

Hedgebook Valuations Tool

You need independent financial instrument valuations. In fact, you need the exact valuation, mark-to-market or fair value – right now. That is exactly what Hedgebook’s Valuation tool gives you. Low cost and easy to install, it supports IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, and IFRS 7 calculations and hedge accounting sensitivity testing. Hedgebook is recognised …