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Financial Software Health-Check, Audit & IT Compliance

As a Company, Maltem FSI specializes in helping organizations identify and monitor their Operational Risk related to interactions with financial software. Our team of experts delivers simple and easy to use solutions dedicated to auditing and monitoring financial software packages. Our methodology and approach embrace human, process and technical risks throughout the information system life cycle, and relying upon:

  • A pragmatic approach to Operational Risk Surveillance focusing on the needs of both management and end users.
  • Customer centric software development dedicated to
    • minimizing the total cost of ownership of projects
    • simplicity of use
    • customization capacity
    • easy integration to existing information system.
  • An iterative methodology to building software, starting from research and developing prototypes, validating concepts within Client environments, and then only industrializing target software solutions.
  • A catalog of software solutions dedicated to our activities

    • IndiKtor – Monitoring Integration Platform
    • IndiKtor – Operational Risk Surveillance
    • IndiKtor  QA – Quality Assurance and Configuration Management
    • IndiKtor TST – End User Testing


The purpose of a Health Check is to determine all aspects that can be improved in the management of an existing software platform. Our approach is carried out on three aspects:

  • Governance
  • Functional
  • Technical
The Health-Checks methodology is based upon our benchmark experience carried out on different client sites and software environments. The purpose of a Health-Check is to determine whether this implementation is fully operational. Once a Glogal Health-Check has been carried out, our teams can drill down to provide deeper analysis on dedicated streams in order to determine and provide different implementations options to optimize the process.
Using our project experience, we have set up a methodology covering over 100 points to review during our analysis. For each of these points, we have the following criteria laid out and documented:

  • Item requiring analysis
  • Time & effort to review this item
  • Description
  • Client contacts required on this specific subject
  • Methodology to review the item
  • Maltem FSI software solution used on this topic – when applicable
  • Expected output
Driving a Technical Health-Check means providing focus on :
  • Finding Performance bottlenecks, then providing tuning  & enhancement strategies
  • Implementating quality reports.
  • Collection of reporting as a performance baseline.
Undergoing a Functional Health-Check means :
  • Data (configuration, reference data, market data, static data) management analysis.
  • Operational processes, volumes and process complexities
  • Workflows and trade life cycle definitions




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