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City Imperative Ltd., Henley-on-Thames Head Office

Holly Trees Peppard Hill Peppard Common


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Andrew W Morris
[email protected]

FevCam Viroprotect

FevCam Infra Red Cameras and Ultra Violet UVC sanitisers available to purchase or franchise. Reopen businesses with confidence. Suitable to clean all buses, aircraft, vans, trains etc.. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, offices, warehouses, cinemas, theatres, factories.

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Investment Management Consultancy

Contract project manager

VisualiseInfo - Do More With Less

We visualise your spaces, integrate your applications, automate your workflows and introduce predictive maintenance. We leverage clients’ existing investments, integrate disparate data and applications, create a visualised single point of truth for the management of your buildings, assets and data.

Scientia, Telos, Mercurius, Angelia, Plutus, Abeona, Ceres

Artificial Intelligence solutions for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Cashflow, Logistics, HR and bespoke. Using the power of mathematics to work with your data to deliver powerful solutions to our customers yielding real results to complex problems.