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FASTWIRE Open – CGI’s Financial Messaging Hub

Today, banks need to deal with more financial messages than ever. But many of them use outdated, disparate processing systems, which are inefficient and costly.




Our messaging product is compatible with multiple message formats and hosts – which makes it the ideal choice for both global banks and smaller, growing institutions. And because all your messages will be processed through a single application, you’ll save time and money.

FAST – The quickest product on the market

Thanks to more automated and real-time features, FASTWIRE Open can handle more than five million messages in a day. That’s a record for a SWIFT messaging product.

RELIABLE – Routing is key

One of FASTWIRE Open’s biggest strengths is making sure all messages (both outbound and inbound) get to where they’re supposed to go . Every time.

Safe and secure

It’s a robust, proven product that keeps data private and won’t let you down – even during unexpected peaks in messaging. Audit trails track every transaction from start to finish. And ‘foureye’ control helps you avoid mistakes.

You’re not alone. We’ll work with you from start to finish. We’ll study the messaging systems you have already, look at what you need, and then help you tailor FASTWIRE Open to suit your business. And once you’re up and running, we offer round-the-clock support and guidance.

COMPATIBLE – It works with a wide range of hosts

• External gateways including SWIFT, SARIE, FED, CHIPS, national RTGS and VPNs

• SWIFTNet FIN, InterAct, FileAct and services with relationship management

• Host interfaces like IBM WebSphere MQ, real-time API, SOAP and file transfer

• Intelligent monitoring and external systems integration with SOAP and SNMP, and SMTP for email alerts  

And all major message formats

• Like SWIFT FIN, ISO 20022 XML, local proprietary formats.

• The system can receive messages in one format and send in another, letting you work with other banks whatever their messaging system

Freedom to choose

It’s compatible with a variety of different networks. So you decide which is best, depending on the type of message.


• Get detailed audit trails in Excel or SQL

• Our HotScan system (to prevent money laundering)

• Modules for message entry and validation (which works for both FIN and XML messages)





We’ve got more than 35 years’ experience of financial messaging. We’ve worked with 70% of the

world’s top financial institutions. And our systems carry more than 10% of all SWIFT FIN messages –

transferring more than $15 trillion a day.


Key benefits

• FASTWIRE Open is our cutting-edge messaging platform,tailored for banks of all sizes

• It’s the fastest financial messaging product on the market

• It will help you drive down the cost of financial messaging

• It’s built from over 35 years of experience in producing payments and messaging products

• It’s based on our tried-and-tested infrastructure, so you get high performance and reliability

For more information please contact us at b[email protected]



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