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Factbook KIID™

Factbook have created an end-to-end solution in Factbook KIID™ that effortlessly assembles and incorporates market and in-house data to deliver accurate and up to date Key Investor Documents. The service handles production and dissemination with ease. It produces print ready KIIDs in multiple languages which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Productions can be automatically scheduled in advance or on an ad-hoc basis. It easily allows for re-runs for material changes. Integrated dissemination tools automatically dispatch single, grouped or multiple KIIDs to several locations simultaneously, further reducing your time to market. Factbook’s integrated workflow and custom alerts keep you abreast and up to date on the entire production process in real time. Senior management supervision is equally as robust with the built-in dashboard. This gives management immediate access to visual indicators of progress and points of data failure.

Advanced data management handling capabilities mean the system can alert users, in advance, of likely material changes which may affect your KIID production calendar. The solution automatically calculates and monitors the Synthetic Risk Return Indicator (SRRI) score attributable to each fund or share class. It not only logs the results for future auditing but also provides notification of changes to the classification of a fund. If the change is sustained for a significant period then the KIID can automatically be reproduced in order to reflect the funds new SRRI classification.

The Factbook KIID™ solution is available immediately, and can be set up as an enterprise, hosted, or fully managed (outsourced) deployment giving maximum flexibility to match your requirements. 

Factbook KIID™

• Ensures consistent, timely delivery of accurate, high quality, branded KIIDs

• Provides immediate production efficiencies

• Removes risk of manual processes

• Calculates and monitors SRRI

• Provides Management with real time alerts

• Utilises a robust workflow management system

• Stores all data as a time series for further analysis

• Utilises high level management dashboard

• Reports on material changes in KIIDs

• Incorporates full audit trails

• Workflow incorporates multiple language capability

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of Factbook KIID™.

More information can be found at

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