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Factbook Analytics™

Factbook Analytics™ is an advanced, professional workstation that allows you to retrieve and manipulate your data into any format you require, simply and easily. It allows you to integrate internal data with as many of your preferred market data suppliers as you wish and uniquely enables you to establish your own “best data source” hierarchy. All the data is automatically updated and maintained, ensuring consistency and integrity, at all times. An almost limitless data repository and calculation engine powers Factbook Analytics, providing a streamlined and comprehensive platform from which to conduct powerful analysis and create effective charts and reports.

Factbook Analytics™ will open up a whole new world of possibilities in chart generation and performance analysis. It enables you to access all the disparate data sources within your business from one, central platform, allowing for greater levels of efficiency, freedom and flexibility than offered by many other analytical tools on the market. An intuitive interface will enable you get the most out of your information, allowing you to create charts with ease and opening up opportunities for customised reporting and comparisons.

Factbook Analytics™ offers:
  • Ability to gather data from multiple sources onto a single platform
  • A powerful and flexible analytical tool
  • An intuitive interface allowing for fast chart generation and analysis
  • A scheduler facility for regular, automated updating
  • Automated data maintenance
  • User defined quick charts and reports function

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