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Ray Corriveau
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FACT – Fast Extract for Oracle, DB2, Sybase & MS SQL Server

FACT rapidly and securely unloads big DB tables using SQL syntax, native protocols and multiple CPUs. FACT reformats and splits data, and writes metadata for:
CoSort transformation and reports
FieldShield data masking and encryption
RowGen test data population
Bulk loads reorgs and ETL

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CoSort v9.5 - Big Data Manipulation

High-speed sorting and data manipulation for big data users. CoSort is used to * Perfom data warehouse transformations * Speed bulk database loads * Convert SyncSort/DMExpress scripts * Replace 3GL, SQL and shell programs * Migrate mainframe and COBOL datasets * Report (batch, detail/summary, delta)

FieldShield - Data Masking and Encryption

FieldShield protects data at rest (in files and DB tables) with encryption, masking, psedonymization, and user functions assignable at the field level. FieldShield helps you comply with PCI and HIPPA regulations with format-preserving AES256, OpenSSL and GPG encryption, custom character masks, etc.


Creates accurate, relational test data in the same table, file, and report layouts you use in production. RowGen uses many popular data model and metadata formats to quickly test database and ETL operations, develop better applications, benchmark different platforms, & outsource application formats