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Katrina Suppiah
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eWise AEGIS enables consumers to safely aggregate, store, manage and share their sensitive financial information with trusted services providers.

eWise AEGIS is securely downloaded by the user onto their desktop or mobile device, where data is aggregated and stored in a Personal Data Vault using AES-256 encryption. For added security, encryption keys are stored separately and held on our “zero-knowledge” server.

Key Features:

Personal Data Aggregation: Consumer’s data is aggregated from a variety of sources including bank accounts, credit cards, investment portfolios, utility companies or loyalty programmes. All aggregation is performed on the user’s device. With eWise AEGIS, the user never needs to disclose their online credentials to a third party.

Permission settings: eWise AEGIS provides the user with full control and privacy over their personal data. Users can actively manage permission settings to share data with value added services. Consumers get control over their data and share it on terms that suit them.

Expanding FinTech horizons with eWise AEGIS: Developers and coders can also use the eWise AEGIS platform through APIs to build apps and expand their ecosystem of digital services. eWise AEGIS enables innovation and flexibility in building world class solutions for easy access to aggregated financial data.

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