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Chris Wood
[email protected]

Evident Desktop File Sealer

Evident Desktop File Sealer™: a “drag and drop” Windows® desktop application providing digital evidence for any file type using evident technologies “sealing” solution.

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Evidence Manager

Evidence Manager delivers evidential Seals to data, providing indisputable and durable legal evidence of the provenance and integrity of any digital data over any digital medium proving:- Who were the parties involved- What was the original data- When the event Happened

Evident Office

A Microsoft Office® application providing toolbar generated durable digital evidence of any Word®, Excel® or PowerPoint® file.Non – repudiation for MS Office®

Evident Mail

Operating seamlessly with existing email systems to automatically sealoutgoing and incoming email messages. This enables the business to irrefutably prove, at any time in the future, what was sent, who sent it, what was received and from whom, and when messages were sent and received, including all attachments.