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Francesco Lo Conte
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Esprow ETP C-Box is the platform to automate certification and conformance testing of inbound FIX and binary connectivity for exchanges, MTFs, brokers.It is built upon Esprow’s specialist technology to deliver automated certification across multiple protocols, including NASDAQ® Genium INET® [OMnet].

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ETP GEMS - Exchange Simulation Server

ETP GEMS, the Global Exchanges & Market Simulation server, offers private simulation environments that emulate any FIX exchange, broker or LP, enabling developers of OMS/EMS system to simulate connectivity to execution venues. ETP GEMS also supports native exchange protocols.


ETP S-Box is a centralized repository to store, browse, and edit FIX and non-FIX message specifications across the enterprise. It provides a central repository where the FIX specifications can be stored and accessed by everyone in the firm through a web UI.

ETP Studio for FIX

Esprow ETP Studio is the leading enterprise tool for automated testing of FIX and binary APIs. Easy to use and rich in features, it is designed to fulfil the requirements of the most sophisticated technical users looking to build complex test workflows.