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ITS Kuwait Head Office

Mubarak Al Kabeer Street ITS Tower, Kuwait City P.O.Box: 26729 Safat 13128 Kuwait
Kuwait City

ITS Bahrain Office

OFFICE ADDRESS: Le President Tower, 4th, 5th and 6th floor, Bldg.#2347, St. 2830, Bl. 428, Seef District P.O. Box: 1344 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

ITS Egypt Office

OFFICE ADDRESS: 71 Mosadaq St., Export Development Bank, 1st and 2nd floor, Giza, Dokki P.O. Box: 12311 Cairo, Eygpt

ITS Lebanon Office

ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street,

ITS Qatar Office

ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street

ITS Dubai Office

OFFICE ADDRESS: Gulf Towers, 5th A2, near Canadian Specialist Clinic, Oud Metha Road P.O. Box: 8687 Dubai, UAE

ITS Riyadh Office

ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street, Kuwait City

Egypt (ITS-GBS) Office

Free zone, Street 11, Block H
Nasr City




Samer N Eid
[email protected]


ETHIX-Treasury handles the Islamic instruments in the following markets

  • Fixed Income and Money Market
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Capital Market

Fixed Income and Money Market products involve short-term borrowing and lending based on maturities with time frames equal to one year or shorter. These products are based on the below Islamic contracts:

  • Commodity Murabaha
  • Reverse Murabaha
  • Mudarabah
  • Wadiah
  • Wakala
  • Qard Hasan

The Money Market products provide comprehensive support for Islamic placement, borrowing and deposits, for all terms and rates. It generates maturity cash flow schedule as well as daily profit accruals
for each profit period. The system allows early partial redemption or pre-maturity of placements,
and rollovers. The module also caters to various profit calculation formulas.
Foreign Exchange products involve buy/sell of a specified amount of foreign currency at an agreed
upon exchange rate on an agreed date in the future.

  • Islamic Forex
  • Islamic FX Forward
  • Islamic FX Swap / Exchange of Deposit

The Foreign Exchange products allow tracking and monitoring of all foreign exchange transactions
done, such as spot and forward dated deals. The system facilitates the monitoring of positions that
arises from investments in foreign currencies.

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Data Archiving is a process of ooading the unused/inactive/dormant data from the online database and store it in an alternate storage system, such as magnetic tapes or hard disks. Archiving has many advantages like performance improvement, availability of storage space, reduced maintenance costs, etc. Though archiving has advantages, organizations cannot create archives at any time …


BRANCH OPERATIONS AND ETHIX-BRANCH Backed up by its long and extensive experience in the banking sector, ITS has developed the contemporary ETHIX-Branch. ETHIX-Branch is designed to meet the needs of the front and back office teller operations. ETHIX-Branch is an application suite for retail banking, primarily a data entry, retrieval, and presentation system that interfaces …

ETHIX- PCD (Profit Calculation & Distribution)

Profit distribution is a very critical function, which has large effect on the bank’s reputation and market share. Most of the customers, depositors and investors are always looking for a low risk investment with a higher profit rate, to secure their money with a good return. Few investors have an appetite for higher risk investments. …