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E*TAS (Electronic Transfer Agency System)

E*TAS (Electronic Transfer Agency System) is a front-end Web application system that allows investment managers, investors, and other authorized parties to access NTAS information online. Deep-Pool ETASTM is a front-end web application system that allows investment managers, investors,
and other authorized related parties to access NTAS® information online. ETASTM communicates directly with the NTAS® database, allowing fund managers and investors to retrieve trade confirmations, statements and various reports in real-time. Additionally, ETASTM submits trade orders directly into NTAS® eliminating administration errors and improving customer service.

* Trade input and tracking with relevant documentation
* Real-time access to reports and investment information
* Import/export facility
* Integrated messaging service


* Reduced time and cost
* Enhanced customer service
* Reduced manual errors
* Increased transparency

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NTAS (New Transfer Agency System)

NTAS (New Transfer Agency System) is the premier shareholder register and transfer agency system in the market. NTAS modules include an extensive range of incentive fee calculation methods as well as an extensive list of capabilities such as dividend processing, cash flow management, anti-money laundering, blacklist, taxation and fee management. NTAS supports a wide variety …

GRID (Global Reach Interface Daemon)

GRID (Global Reach Interface Daemon) is a middleware interface that integrates NTAS with any third-party system. It easily transfers mission-critical data such as NAVs, general ledgers, trades, exchange rates and investor and related parties’ demographic information through Straight Through Processing into NTAS®. GRID® allows an organization to operate with maximum efficiency and reduced risk by …

PTAS ( Pension Fund Administration Software)

Deep-Pool Pension Transfer Agency System (PTAS®) is a fully integrated, Share-Registration/Unit-Trust System that meets the needs of pension funds and their administrators. PTAS® enables administrators to cost effectively record and manage all types of pension funds with the highest levels of operational efficiency. FUNCTIONALITY PTAS® provides flexible benefit disbursement and contribution accounting that can be …