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London Head Office

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Alberto Cherubini
[email protected]


Structured Products for INvestors. Tools and services to analyse structure products quantitatively from the investor’s point of view. Also needed by SP providers given new regulatory directives (RDR, PRIIPS, etc).
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EQF Addin

The quantitative power needed for equity derivatives, with Excel as easy interface: • vanilla and exotic options (including user-defined and multi-underlying) • scenario analysis and stress tests • pricing and valuation • risk management Workhorse at front office and RM of top US investment bank

EQF Toolbox

A collection of customisable interlinked apps and API, overall amounting to a risk management system. Special focus on derivs and structured products. Both sell-side and buy-side. Contact us on


An advanced tool to calibrate volatility surfaces, forwards (dividends and repos) and rates to market prices, with auto-fitting to save precious trader time. State of the art surface global parameterisation and several other unique features at a price affordable even to the buy-side.