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Supriya Gondkar
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Epiplex500 help firms to execute business IT transformations

Epiplex500 help firms to successfully execute IT driven business transformations. It enables automated capture of business processes executed by Experts using the widest range of applications, including all major ERP products and from a wide range of other packaged and custom developed applications

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Analyzer enables businesses to monitor IT-enabled business processes at high granular levels and compare user process execution metrics to industry benchmarks. Powerful analyses and reporting capabilities enable exception monitoring of process performance and implementation of compliance guidelines.

EPSS 500

EPSS500 enables businesses to deliver a wide range of knowledge objects–simulations,audio/video files,html and word documents enabling user access to the knowledge objects at the click of a button to help complete execution of any business process quickly,efficiently,accurately with best practices.


XYDOCS is the leading documentation authoring solution for companies looking to automate creation of documentation for a wide range of business needs:documentation for knowledge transfer for implementation or upgrade of a new enterprise application for regulatory compliance needs etc.