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enVoy – send and receive energy industry data flows

The enVoy product is designed to simplify the process of sending and receiving energy industry data flows. The solution can link your energy trading functions directly to external data agents and provide a framework for intra-industry communications. The system provides a reliable interface enabling accurate submission of both mandatory and informational transactional data.

The enVoy system provides an n-tier application architecture which splits into a number of capabilities. These include incoming file handling, incoming message handling, web-services based interface, FTP transfers, data validation and alerting.

Developed using the latest Microsoft .Net technology, enVoy is uniquely designed to meet the upcoming communications changes as proposed by the UK’s governing body, National Grid Transco (NGT). By separating out all functional areas, any changes to message flows, or the incorporation of different messaging technologies, only require a simple change to just one area of the system. This enables new industries, market rules and flows to form part of the fundamental design premise. It also allows us to support any changes that occur to message types and industry structures within the power market.

enVoy is primarily a server based application with client access to the management application via web browser. All interfaces and communications occur on the server through a set of managed worker processes. This provides a robust, secure, reliable and easy to manage infrastructure.

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