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Simon J Piercy
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enPrice – a powerful portfolio acquisition & analysis engine

The powerful and scalable calculation engine enables your team to produce quotes in seconds, whilst protecting your profit margins and giving you complete confidence and transparency throughout your portfolio down to the finest level of detail. Designed and built by energy retailing experts, it is the culmination of decades of pricing specialism.

enPrice calculates quotes by combining defined energy costs and associated charges (such as distribution charges, transmission system costs and levies) into one simple to understand customer quote. By utilising this powerful solution, your sales team are able to provide quotes and negotiate prices in real time, whilst on-site with a client and with complete confidence. This enables your team to improve the service offered to clients, win more business and increase your overall revenue.

enPrice helps you to reduce your levels of risk by enabling the pricing team to easily and securely manage the cost base used for quoting. This ensures you have control of your margins, without having to micro-manage your commercial team. enPrice allows you to mitigate risk by enabling you to run ‘what if’ scenarios reports against your portfolio ensuring your organisation stays one step ahead of market changes.

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