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Anna Mishina
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EGAR Risk & Limits Manager

EGAR RLM allows to set up margin, credit, pre-trade and delivery limits for all your customers and trading counterparts. Risk metrics & margin requirements can be monitored through dynamic windows to permit real-time control.
+Asset & liability management platform
+Incorporated integration platform

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EGAR Focus Fixed Income

Fixed Income module- comprehensive trading and risk management system for fixed-income securities and derivatives.EGAR Focus- modular, fully integrated position keeping system with pricing, reporting and risk management features supporting trading of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives.

EGAR Focus Foreign Exchange

FOCUS FX module provides a comprehensive front-to-back trading and risk management solution for managing portfolios of both over-the-counter and exchange-traded FX instruments (FX spot/forwards, FX Swaps, FX Futures, FX Baskets, FX EFP) as well as offers FX Margin Trading features.

EGAR Focus Energy and Energy Derivatives

FOCUS Energy and Energy Derivatives module provides a comprehensive position-keeping and risk management solution for tracking portfolios of NYMEX, IPE, SIMEX, etc. exchange-traded energy futures and options contracts including crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, unleaded gas and energy derivatives