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Edge Exchange/Marketplace Solutions

Get a reliable exchange system for multi-asset class trading with Edge. It is built on the latest techniques of software development to create a stable foundation that can handle large amounts of market activity.

Gain a greater insight of the OTC markets while increasing your clearing volumes. With Edge you can have the competitive advantage you need to attract more participants to your market.

Store market information locally at the server site for years and have an easy access to it through an intuitive audit trail feature.

Experience low latency with our intelligent server broadcasting algorithms and cut down on bandwidth requirements through our optimized transfer protocol.

Some features and functionality that you get with Edge are:

  • Proven Modern Technology
  • High Security Solutions
  • Scalable Solution for Expanding Your Market
  • Easy Access by API
  • Short Time to Market
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Multi Broker or Exchange Style Market Setup
  • Multi Asset Class Trading
  • Appealing GUI Enriched With a Variety of Features
  • Multilevel System for all Your Market Segments 

Offer order and trade posting through intuitive GUI, API, or Excel to your current and future market participants.

Take advantage of the possibility to offer any kind of model, fully electronic, manual, or hybrid market.

Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about what we can do together to create the best possible market for you.

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