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Christopher Riordan
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eCom90’s – Broker Client Insurance Questionnaire Framework

Of course generating insurance data is the Clients responsibility, but if keeping them and differentiating yourself from the competition are key, providing Clients with the means to quickly gather quality insurance data underlines your business offering and provides a reason for Clients to stick?

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eCom90's RMQ - Insurance data gathering web sevice

RMQ makes gathering insurance (renewal) data easy. If you’re still employing emails and files, it just makes sense unless your business is tiny, data quality is unlikely to instil Insurer. Not good for premiums or your exposure to risk. Talk to us and we’ll show you just how easy it is!

Bespoke business solutions

eCom90 is well versed in the art of creating innovative bespoke web based business solutions for medium to large organisations. We have a broad range of skills and expereince from infrastructure implementation to sophisticated enterprise wide systems.

Business IT Red Adair service

Experts at solving problems, providing solutions and implementing change. We understand IT and business process issues on a grand scale, having cut our teeth in the corporate environment. We understand how systems and process fit together, how to get them working harmoniously.