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New York Office

14 Wall Street, Suite 5e
New York

Location Head Office

80 Broad Street, Suite 1203
New York




Sean Dykhouse
[email protected]

eBusinessware Financial Services Technology Consulting

eBusinessware is an 1100-person global financial services technology consulting firm with offices in New York, London, Singapore, India, Australia and Philadelphia, focused in four main areas: Risk Management, Derivatives, Wealth Management, and Reference Data Management.

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Credit Dimensions

Our enterprise data hub automates vital business functions with a best practices approach to data management, from solution design and all elements of data sourcing, to maintenance, through distribution. Create cross-references between internal attributes, external rating identifiers and more.

eBusinessware Due Diligence Data & Questionnaire Hub Suite

Automate the Reporting Process: Funds and portfolio leaders use the audit-friendly central repository for qualitative and quantitative answers for each client report, RFP, RFI, and in marketing materials. Manage reporting, marketing, sales force and compliance teams to track timing and quality.

CreditDimensions Platform solution built as master data manager or by project on lease data vendor basis. CDi allows risk management, client on-boarding, and corporate action monitoring while aggregating incoming data feeds, offering a safe way to manage and prioritize information.