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e2gen Cash and Liquidity Management

Cash Management
Financial institutions face the challenge of managing their cash positions; however, this essential business requirement is usually hampered by the lack of dedicated software. Production of management information for the business is often complicated by diverse manual processes.  The lack of operational controls and systems for this essential activity can place the business at risk leading to reputational and costly financial penalties.

 Aqua Global’s e2gen Cash Management solves these critical issues by providing a powerful solution for users to view and manage their intra-day cash balances for correspondent and internal accounts. The solution provides projected positions to enable the institution to monitor its settlement requirements for the future.

The user effort previously spent in deriving and consolidating information is completely eliminated along with the risks inherent in those processes. Intra-day balances are calculated in real time; automated transfers based on specified cut off times can be automatically performed. Alternatively they can be manually initiated.

Currency balances are visible to the dealing room to facilitate covering short positions or the placement of overnight deposits. Automatic settlement message production further enhances cash processing for the institution.

By adopting this solution banks, can improve efficiency and compliance, whilst mitigating operational risks.

Liquidity Management
The new Basel III regulation has put pressure on banks to actively manage their intraday liquidity positions and meet payment settlement obligations more effectively and accurately. Statistics suggest that few banks are ready to meet this obligation which means that a large proportion of banks are under risk of not complying with the regulation.

Aqua Global’s Liquidity Management module (LM) provides a powerful solution that ensures high quality regulatory compliance. LM allows banks to efficiently monitor and manage their intraday liquidity positions in any currency in real-time.  

By adopting this solution banks, can improve efficiency and compliance, whilst mitigate credit and operational risks.

For more information please call us on 020 8544 3200 or email [email protected]

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