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DECIDE Risk Management

Track position risks in realtime, ensure transparency in risk components and regulatory conformity, reduce operating costs

Comprehensive and integrated risk management depends on being prepared for the current and new challenges of the market and its ever-stricter regulations and on being able to respond proactively. DECIDE RISK is a multi-client supportive, powerful and multi-purpose risk management software platform, end-to-end providing different modules for:


Market Risk
Market risks under control, supporting performance and investment decision- reliably evaluate/assess market risks in realtime

DECIDE provides you with an overview of individual and company-wide exposures caused by market changes (e.g. financial crisis in 2008, interest rate hike, Brexit, etc.). Along with counterparty risks, market risks in the trading and banking book play a key role in performance optimization and investment decisions in financial markets. Since the last financial crisis, they have increasingly been a focus of regulatory minimum requirements. DECIDE has up-to-date assessment methods and procedures for all common securities and OTC instruments, including FX swaps, CDS, interest-bearing and complex options.


Credit Risk
Predictive risk assessment and active exposure management

DECIDE RISK is your reliable early warning system when risks unexpectedly concentrate. Its modular building blocks architecture minimizes the effort needed to compile risk aggregations and limits. Exposures from various sources can be recorded and aggregated using different accounting approaches. The system also takes into account factors, such as the development of different counterparty and issuer credit metrics. You manage the risk profile within this framework without having to restrict your trading activities in any way.

DECIDE RISK provides an information base which enables you to make the right decisions at an early stage to secure essential competitive advantages.


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