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DECIDE™ is an innovative product family for securities trading and position management. The scalable multi-client architecture and a very cost-effective operating platform make it an ideal solution to fit the current requirements in the investment banking arena

DECIDE Overview

As can be seen from the illustration, DECIDE is a product family consisting of separate modules for trading and position keeping (modules P), risk management (modules R) und decision support (modules D). Each of these modules are available both in the DECIDE /EQ and in the DECIDE /IR product versions. In addition, the product DECIDE /ASP is a special version for use in an ASP (Application Service Provider) or application-on-demand model.

Integrated functions for trading, position keeping and risk management

DECIDE™'s core modules cover three different areas: Trading and position keeping, risk management and decision support. Utilising a common user interface, the system supports trading via electronic trading platforms and ECNs as well as OTC trading.

With the DECIDE™ base system, you can trade a wide variety of standard tradable instruments, containing equity cash instruments and equity derivates (including a set of exotics), interest rate cash instruments and interest rate derivates such as swaps, swaptions, caps, floors or collars as well as more complex and innovative instruments such as swapnotes or structured products.

The DECIDE™ position keeping system can be customised for the specific needs of your trading floor, including adapting it to the respective trading processes and the specific organisation and hierarchy of trade ledgers. In addition to the standard real-time position overviews, the system also provides management with constantly updated aggregated P&L statements which can be freely configured to contain only special ledgers or an aggregated view over several ledgers, covering one or many trading floors.

The DECIDE™ risk management functions provide accurate tracking of credit and market price limits. With its sophisticated decision support functions, DECIDE™ has a powerful tool for trading and asset management departments to optimise their respective positions. Both cash instrument and derivate positions can be precisely adjusted to reflect expected market developments markets und risk limits.

The pricing of positions and instruments can be controlled via flexible data cards. With these data cards, pricing contexts can be defined on either a general or individual level, using such parameters as price filters, yield curve sets, volatility surfaces and others.

Scalable, multi-client solution

DECIDE™ offers all functions needed to run the system in an ASP or multi-client set-up. All data categories can be defined separately for different clients, and the entire system can be run from one central installation as an on-demand or ASP solution.

Thus, DECIDE™ is especially well suited for IT service providers catering to the financial services market, including transaction banks. With DECIDE™, such institutions can offer their customers a solution that covers the entire trading process, from trade capturing and position keeping via clearing and settlement to the back office.

In addition, DECIDE™ can be used in multi-site trading organisations. Examples include organisations with geographically separated trading floors or larger corporations that want to consolidate the trading systems of different legal entities within the organisation into one central system.

The central DECIDE™ middle office system hosts the parameters necessary for such a distributed set-up which can help to significantly reduce overall operating costs.