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DealPath provides a smart and easy configurable solution to address the issue of routing multiple instrument orders,trades and currencies efficiently and cost-effectively to position-keeping,MO and BO systems. Orders and trades,captured in real time from a wide number of markets for multiple instruments,are forwarded to various destinations such as:position keeping,risk management systems, MO and BO systems,post-trading transaction reporting and post-trading transparency sites. By means of user-defined dynamic rules, dealpath can both manipulate orders/trades and find the right destination for each one item.

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TraderPath fulfils the financial institutions request for a single front-office platform to interact with markets and info providers. It is a high performance environment used by professionals for real time quoting, trading of multiple instruments in multiple markets, allowing easy and cost-effective integration with external Pricing Servers, Position Keeping Systems and BO applications. Built with …


MarketPath provides top-class access to exchanges,MTFs,brokers,data vendors,position keeping and BO platforms.It distributes incoming private/public data while simultaneously executing outgoing requests.With high performance and a scalable environment,accessible via its API,it provides users with complete transparency by hiding protocol,behaviour and data layouts of each destination.Thanks to an internally developed language,it can easily build new market gateways and …


ExchangePath offers a state-of-the-art multi-asset matching platform that adds unprecedented performance to resiliency and reliability of its predecessor.It manages incoming orders,matches them and delivers the results continuously 24/7,in less than 100µs at the end-user’s gateway,achieving a huge number of transactions and market data notifications on a multiserver platform.The philosophy embraced to boost performance has been …