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DealHub Price Distribution Solution

DealHub Connectivity Manager 

Connectivity Manager is an ultra-low latency event processing framework that acts as a unified, flexible backbone for the construction and distribution of pricing to multiple electronic trading channels, and the subsequent routing, processing and hedging of order and execution requests. 

Connectivity Manager is designed to be highly configurable, according to the business model and specific requirements of the deploying organisation. This flexibility is achieved via a combination of scriptable business logic to define core workflow and integration with existing customer systems, and modular, component based extensions available from DealHub for key pricing and order management tasks. This combination gives complete freedom for a Dealhub customer to build and evolve a bespoke eCommerce infrastructure, tailored to their precise requirements and designed to work seamlessly with existing technologies. 

 Key Benefits

  • Accelerate trading performance with ultra-low latency, high throughput price distribution to all electronic trading channels
  • Quickly reach new customers with ‘plug and play’ venue connectivity
  • Avoid the complexity of integrating and managing multiple ECNs, each with unique rules, protocols and business logic 
  • Complete flexibility to create and evolve an eCommerce infrastructure that combines any combination of pre-built components with existing in house or 3rd party systems
  • Live insight into performance and profitability via real-time business intelligence
  • Proven reliability and performance: live at multiple Tier 1 banks
  • Reduce latency and cut operational overheads with flexible hosting options, including  venue co-location
Key Features
  • Distribute pricing to all electronic trading channels, including ECNs, Single Dealer Platforms and API customers
  • Precision engineered software can be combined with venue co-location to deliver lowest possible end to end latency 
  • Supports Spot, Forwards and Swaps via executable stream (ESP), request for quote (RFQ) or request for stream (RFS)
  • Modular components combine with scriptable, rules based workflow to create a flexible eCommerce framework
  • Workflow components include:
    • Price Construction & Spreading
    • Rate Validation
    • Credit and Margin Management
    • Order Routing
    • Auto Hedging
    • Dealer Intervention
    • Business Intelligence

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