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DealHub Conversation Analyser


Designed to cut risk and cost from trade processing, DealHub’s Conversation Analyser uses smart learning algorithms to parse trade details from any unstructured text, automatically creating deal tickets from sources such as Reuters Dealing conversations, instant messaging or email.

Capable of learning any instrument, language or market convention, the Conversation Analyser is a trusted solution, eliminating human error and cutting processing costs for a number of major gobal banks.

  The application uses highly configurable pattern recognition algorithms to extract & create tickets with configurable scoring thresholds. Multiple tickets can be created from a single conversation with support for spot, forwards, outrights, swaps, NDFs, commodities, vanilla and exotic options. FX limit and stop loss orders can be extracted for upload to order management systems.

Scalable and fault tolerant data collection is based on DealHub’s extensive experience of multiple venues and protocols, and all parsed trades are stored in the DealHub archive database for instant query and storage.



  • Supports any text-based source including Reuters D3000 conversations, e-mail, e-mail attachments, instant messaging and  DealHub Connect secure messaging
  • Wide range of e-mail attachments are supported including MS Excel, MS Word, PDF and CSV files
  • Highly configurable parsing patterns and data entry screens with ability to customize for different sources, instrument types and workflow
  • User definable word lists and aliases for enhanced pattern recognition
  • Configurable tolerance levels for trade acceptance, rejection or review
  • Supports creation of multiple tickets from a single conversation
  • Support creation of single or multi-legged limit and stop loss FX orders for upload to order management systems
  • Easy to use integrated trade entry GUI with highlighted pattern/conversation reference points
  • Set scoring thresholds to create either STP for pure spot transactions or unchecked queue for options/ conversations/orders
  • Conversation and ticket  windows created for each conversation in the queue
  • Parsed text highlighted to show quickly where ticket information was extracted
  • Scoring breakdown highlighted on the right of each parsing window


  • Highly configurable parsing patterns and data entry screens provide ability to customise different sources, instrument types and workflow
  • Ability for user to define word lists and aliases for enhanced pattern recognition
  • Scoring thresholds can be set for spot and options transactions – determining validity of the transaction
  • Multiple tickets can be created from within single conversation window including options, spot hedges, NDF’s and commodities
  • Prevents entry of duplicate tickets
  • Provides a searchable 10 year archive of all trades
  • Creates mandatory compliance and audit records of trading activity and facilitates investigations

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