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DealHub Business Activity Monitoring

DealHub’s Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) module is unique in offering both a real-time and historical view of trading activity on a single screen containing inter-bank, eCommerce and prime brokerage flows, allowing banks to track P&L, volume growth, market share and success of client acquisition. DealHub’s BAM module is part of the DealHub Complex Event Proessing (CEP) solution which also includes integration to high frequency algorithmic trading models, event management and liquidity aggregation.

DealHub STP Feed handlers or Monitoring interfaces are used to monitor, overview and archive all interactions (RFQ, RFS and no deals), trades and tickets as they pass downstream. DealHub can also be integrated with sales credit or P&L systems, monitor outgoing pricing from the bank’s pricing engine, or be part of the price making process with the DealHub Connectivity Manager solution.

Following integration to the bank’s systems, DealHub Business Activity Monitoring provides a low latency display for centralized and unified business intelligence and trend analysis within the DealHub/DHView desktop application. Multiple layouts can be created for specific tasks and analysis, including real-time overviews of all incoming traffic, outgoing pricing, latency monitoring, alert monitoring and historical reporting.

The solution can be customized by users to create individual layout views with specific intelligence for traders, sales, eCommerce platform support, risk managers or chief dealers:

Trader Intelligence – Traders are able to monitor all trades live and completed, blending inter bank and eCommerce channels into aggregate or single views by venue, currency pair and time of day. Views can be created showing all price streams being produced for clients including current rates and dealable/non-dealable status. Traders can identify flows from key customer groups by creating client specific layouts, and so enhance decision making across the trading day.

Sales Intelligence – Sales Traders are able to create bespoke views by channel, region, counterparty group, individual customer, currency pair and time of day. By seeing all price streams being produced for clients, and being able to measure response times by currency pair with alerts on critical events such as price delay or failure, sales teams are empowered to proactively manage client relationships and assess the client experience of using the bank’s eCommerce platform on a second-by-second basis. Client intelligence gained from such detailed analysis of the flows allows sales teams to increase volumes and revenues across the client base.

eCommerce Intelligence – Monitoring teams receive real-time notification of critical events such as price delays, prices becoming non-dealable, trade rejection, or trades not being booked within a preset time. Millisecond time measurement of events captured allows banks to proactively resolve operational problems, and to understand and enhance system performance.

Management Intelligence – Overview screens offer real-time monitoring of traders and customer groups, allowing instant drill down to establish flows, volumes and market direction. Historical reporting identifies volume and revenue trends across the client base, with detailed filtering by region, group, client, currency pair, time of day and number of interactions. Archive query with sub-second analysis of all interactions facilitates investigations and client trade disputes.

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