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Siddharth Banerjee
[email protected]


We help banks accelerate their business through precise decisions using on-demand data, engineered for accuracy. We offer end to end solutions & services across Data Migration, Data for Compliance, Managed Data Pipelines, Managed Data Lakes, Data for Digital, Visual Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Data Governance. Our domain-led data models, real-time data integration and 3 layered accuracy assertion, provide conscious contextualization.

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VoCAL - Voice of Customer Analytics Lens

VoCAL empowers you to make decisions that arrest customer churn, app uninstalls, and encourage conversions using predictive analytics. When you adopt VoCal – Maveric’s Voice for Customer Analytics Lens – you are choosing Next-Gen ML and AI framework that deciphers and connects customer feedbacks for unearthing concealed improvement areas and deriving actionable insights. So, banks …

Intelligent Quality Engineering (IQe)

Maveric’s IQe platform offers end-to-end domain-driven cognitive solutions for accelerating continuous quality pipeline. Empaneled with intelligent automation approaches, IQe modernizes legacy processes and reenergizes your dev-sec-ops pipelines through contextual interventions and end-to-end orchestration. IQe platform offers a dedicated lab for digital quality engineering – API’s. Mobile, Web along with abilities for test designing, comprehensive tracking …

Temenos Core Transformation

For banks invested in Temenos at the core, we are committed to accelerate technology transformation through a connected core – with solutions designed for reliability and encyclopedic proficiency across Temenos product stack. We future proof your Temenos suite of applications with end to end services such as analysis, rapid implementation, upgrade, L3 solutions and support.