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Data Management

• SEC 17a-4, FINRA 3110, GLB Act §6801, SOX - Data Security Compliance; • BCBS-239 Risk Aggregation (address silos, manual reports, ownership issues); • Consolidated Audit Trail (data vault storage saving, OLTP and RTAP); • Big Data Ecosystem (architectural designs, pipes connection).

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VR Machine (Patent pending invention for Volcker Compliance)

The industry’s 1st ever Volcker compliance system, a patent pending utility to spam filtering the prohibited & qualify for the exemptions. It encompasses RENTD forecast, recognizes patterns & quarantines suspicious trades effectively in real time. See more at

Corporate Strategies

More often than not, consultants are used to avoid management’s direct engagement in controversial situations. The big names sell their ability to shoulder blame in case anything happens. We do not let that happen by doing the right thing, unzipping the truth, and driving sustainable development.

FinTech Research

A.I. Machine Learning, Data Science, Hadoop, NoSQL, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Distributed Ledger, and more – it’s all about having the Big Picture in the right context of fit for purpose. We help define the next-gen of FinTech, research on different enabling technologies, and navigate opportunities.