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Data Audit

We recognise that successful data integration, and the ability to understand and act on this data, is dependent on companies having the right data, in the right place, at the right time. Through our 1-2 month customer data audits we examine exactly how your business is capturing, processing and storing data, and provide recommendations on how to create a granular single customer view. This preliminary audit provides a detailed report on how to achieve either businesses on track to carrying out effective multi-channel attribution, personalisation or and targeting.

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Customer Data Analytics

Helping businesses leverage customer data to optimise cost of customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value.

Data Consultancy Work

Our data consultancy team works directly with businesses to tackle their highest priority challenges through bespoke projects. The team draw upon the most advanced data science, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to get to the root of your problems, and focus on providing actionable insights that lead to tangible, revenue-generating results for your …

Paid Social Optimisation

Our paid social solution helps businesses optimise personalisation and targeting through Facebook. We integrate your disparate data sources to provide a richer understanding of your customers than that derived through Facebook. Use this information to cluster your customers on the basis of highly specific behaviours – such as activity on your website. Feed these directly …