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CREALOGIX Invest Crypto

CREALOGIX Invest Crypto is a new cryptocurrency valuation and trade integration for CREALOGIX Invest

Empower your users to view their cryptocurrency balances within their existing portfolio

A new generation of investor considers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as part of their personal investment strategy. CREALOGIX has created Invest Crypto so that wealth management firms can offer valuable features to clients who want to view integrated balances and trade cryptocurrencies right from their existing portfolio UI.

Cryptocurrency support for your wealth customers


CREALOGIX Invest combines data from multiple underlying systems to provide a consistent, branded presentation layer that delights your customers. Now, for the first time, you can support the full range of cryptocurrencies inside the digital portfolio management and trading systems you offer your customers.
CREALOGIX offers Invest Crypto as a standalone product or a module in your CREALOGIX Invest package. The product is available for  existing or prospective CREALOGIX customers and can be integrated with additional CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub modules, or an existing digital landscape.


CREALOGIX Invest Crypto features include:

  • View balances and valuations for cryptocurrencies
  • Open support for any number of wallets and cryptocurrencies
  • Be alerted when valuations change
  • View combined valuations of cryptocurrency and traditional assets
  • Pair trade cryptocurrencies 24/7
  • Enable voice controls for your portfolio with Amazon Alexa
  • Receive voice summaries of your holdings

Key Benefits

  • Differentiate your wealth management systems with cryptocurrency support
  • Open up an exciting range of features with Amazon Alexa voice controls
  • Integrate with leading cryptocurrency exchanges for 24/7 trading
  • Customise the CREALOGIX Invest Crypto design and to present a consistent branded UI


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