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Contactless payments

Your benefits:
  • Convenient
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Secure

Allow your customers to make quick and easy payments of up to €25 with our contactless payment service. Contactless payment cards significantly reduce your transaction times, while you directly collect payments from the user’s bank account.

Each contactless card is equipped with a built-in aerial, allowing users to complete a transaction by simply holding their card near a scanner. Because payments are made without the usual bank check and authorisation process, merchants and users benefit from ultra-fast transactions.

To ensure user security, a limit is set on the number of contactless payments that can be completed before the card has to be reauthorised by being swiped through a POS terminal. After five to seven contactless payments, swiping the card initiates a check with the user’s bank account, reauthorising it to perform the next set of payments.

Equens will launch contactless payments in January 2010 using internationally accepted standards. The first application will be to transact staff purchases at company restaurants for a major European bank. Contactless payments have already been implemented successfully in the United States and the United Kingdom.

To manage your contactless payments, we provide a complete service which includes issuance of customised cards, and full account management. Our contactless payment service is the fastest and most cost-efficient method for making small purchases.



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