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Onerio Martins Peixo
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Conciliac Engine

Conciliac Engine is our engine of reconciliation and soul of all our applications and derived products. We make it available to customers who want to achieve a deeper integration with our products, thus being able to access Conciliac and integrate it into its solutions, software or services.

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Conciliac Recon Software

Conciliac is a data matching solution focused in automating manual reconciliation processes from banks, stock, credit card, inventory, etc.

Conciliac Recon Software

We develop innovative products and technological systems, to become the leading company in the global reconciliation industry, permanently creating and implementing the most inventive ideas to make reconciliations easier, faster and simpler.

Conciliac Power Solution

Conciliac Power Solution is a powerful tool for reconciling, validating and consolidating large volumes of data, which works autonomously and independently of user intervention. Conceived, designed and developed under the concept and paradigm of an RPA solution.