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Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement

Commodity XL is the only software platform that provides a “market-based,” “source-to-cash” commodity supply chain solution for power, gas, bulk, liquid, and packaged commodities, including advanced risk analytics, sophisticated decision support, and real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enhance executive decision-making.

Supply and Demand Planning
Triple Point’s Commodity XL Strategic Planning and Procurement (SPP) manages, measures, analyzes, and reports coverage for an integrated physical and economic plan. The SPP solution includes all physical assets such as commodities, plants, storage facilities, tanks, and silos and has the flexibility to manage different calendar and budget periods. As plans change to reflect market conditions, SPP provides the capability to “look back” and understand changes and drivers from version to version.
Coverage Reporting and Analysis
SPP provides real-time reporting and analysis tools to manage operational coverage and to plan in fast-moving, complex business conditions. It delivers economic analysis to determine root causes of variances to planned costs, revenues, and profit margins. All positions including storage, in-transit inventory, and in-tank blending are integrated into coverage analysis. Open trading activity such as spot/forward, futures, options, term contracts, bulk, and rack liftings and exchanges are also allocated to forecast. Covered and uncovered positions are updated in real time to ensure operational and economic plan efficiency and effectiveness.
Decision Support
Simulation models and business intelligence tools are required in fast-changing markets to determine the best deal structure across the supply chain. Potential market shifts can change decisions across sourcing, logistics, operations, hedging, and marketing. Sophisticated decision support systems provide advantage versus competitors working in spreadsheets.
SPP’s simulation and business intelligence tools put you in control to make your company’s most important bottom-line decisions. It delivers the speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use needed to identify trends, problems, and opportunities — proactively and precisely.
The SPP module is pre-integrated with trading and risk.

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