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Bangalore Head Office

No. 84, Deep Towers,1st Floor, East Wing, EPIP Zone, Whitefield Industrial Area,

Location Office

No 84, Deep Towers, 1st Floor, East Wing, EPIP Zone, Whitefiled Industrial Area, Bengaluru




Saika Bazaz
[email protected]

Combat Risk Management, Flux Payment, Paperless Banking

Flux PayDirect: Integrated Payments Platform, ACH, Direct Debit System, SWIFT, RTGS & NEFT

Combat: AML, Fraud & Risk Monitoring, Credit Scoring, KYC, IP Scanning, Watch-list Checker

Mantle: Retail Banking Automation, BPM, Lockers, Teller Management, ASBA, Paperless Account Opening Solution

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Payment Hub (RTGS,ACH,EFT), AML, Fraud Detection and Alert

COMBAT enterprise risk management framework.It is a comprehensive risk management framework that enables BFSI organisation to monitor their financial and operational environment with a perspective of risk and complies with KYC, ops risk, credit risk, AML and FIU regulatory requirements.

Flux PayDirect - ACH

Flux PayDirect ACH is a next generation payment processing platform compatible with ISO 20022. It addresses the demands and requirements of the financial institutions and organizations that require offering Direct Debit & Direct Credit facility based on valid mandate for their customers

Flux Payment Platform

Flux PayDirect is an innovative offering, that addresses the demands of the financial institutions that require to offer direct debit facility for their customers. Built on J2EE platform, Flux PayDirect offers comprehensive set of features enabling seamless integration to core banking applications.