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CLS Processing

Operational processes in the FX market remain complex, and improving post-trade efficiency has become a significant business driver for our clients. Our unique position in the market allows us to drive innovative solutions that bring greater standardization to the post-trade environment. Our processing solutions build on the deep FX expertise we have developed in delivering our world-leading settlement service, and draw on the market insights we derive from our unequalled network. They enable clients to free up capital, improve their leverage ratios, manage counterparty exposure and mitigate operational and credit risk. Our products deliver the efficiencies, synergies and cost savings our clients need to remain competitive in an evolving market.

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CLS Settlement

CLS is the world leader in FX settlement solutions. Our clients benefit from increased liquidity – with their funding requirements reduced by more than 96% through multilateral netting. We deliver this alongside reduced settlement risk and improved efficiency. Since our launch in 2002, we have significantly reduced settlement risk across 18 currencies eligible for CLSSettlement. …

CLSMarketData | SIGTech

Experience the collaboration – CLSMarketData | SIGTech Combining the largest single source of FX alternative trade data with SIGTech’s expertise in multi-asset systematic investing, portfolio managers and quant researchers can find trading signals more effectively and derive greater value from our data. Finding signals from multiple data sets can be repetitive and labor intensive. With …


Reduce settlement risk for same-day FX trades that are currently traded after CLSSettlement’s cut-off times through our additional settlement session. CLSSameday allows market participants to reduce FX settlement risk by providing an additional settlement session for payment instructions which had not previously been eligible for settlement due to CLSSettlement cut-off times. We run an Americas same-day …