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Client Revenue Tracking Consultancy Services

Our core product is an MIS toolkit (FIOS), designed to manage the production of client revenue reporting MI in a consistent and controlled fashion, from source to output.  In connection with the implementation of the FIOS toolkit, or in connection with an existing and established client revenue tracking system, we offer consultancy services in the following areas:

Underlying principles & methodology
Running facilitation sessions with senior front and back office stakeholders to agree the underlying client revenue reporting principles and methodology. Influence and work with stakeholders to deliver best practice in this area, e.g.:
  • Work across all business areas to agree consistent and transparent revenue calculation and attribution rules. Common problem areas include primary market activity, JVs, complex structured trades.
  • Deliver an integrated reporting infrastructure i.e. where the MI forms part of the strategic planning and budget process, to ensure actual performance and sales targets are linked to the top down business goals and strategy. Implement regular performance review.
  • Help drive acceptance of the principles e.g. single source of performance data; acceptance that this is not a books and records system: 80-90% accuracy is acceptable.
Working with all areas of the business to:
  • Design institutionalised workflow processes for management of trade and reference data
  • Implement scheduled procedures for proactive cleansing of reference data
  • Design reconciliation procedures/comparison of notional sales revenues to actual books and records
  • Ensure the resulting management information is used and meets requirements, by asking the right questions of the process: What data is required? What calculations are required? What feeds are required? What user functionality is required?
  • Identify process improvements and specifying changes


  • Review existing management information. Assess user requirements based on output from strategy and business structure discussions. Understand the required reporting frequency. Identify and specify additional reporting requirements.
  • Design of prototype reports
  • Review with trading/ sales management
  • Implementation and roll out
Reference Data
Review existing reference data relationships. Recommend and implement data consolidation and cleansing strategies, to create a robust yet flexible framework in which customer data and the company’s own legal entity and organisational hierarchies can be maintained and queried. Typical reference data projects focus on:
  • Customers: legal entity/ parent hierarchies;  location address/ reporting location data; client industries
  • Staff hierarchies and sales coverage: salespeople, relationship managers, senior bankers, assisting persons
  • Legal entity, business area and divisional hierarchies; trading books and product data
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