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ClariFI’s Strategy Simulator

ClariFI’s Strategy Simulation module enables robust testing of model behavior using rules-based portfolio construction or portfolio optimization. Key benefits include evaluation of risk controls on strategy performance and optimal trading parameters for strategy execution. View demo

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ClariFI provides portfolio managers and researchers with the most comprehensive solution for state of the art alpha research and production work, dramatically reducing the time, effort, and cost of investment management.

ClariFI Event Study Module

ClariFI’s Event Study module is an industry-first event analysis tool for portfolio management featuring an intuitive graphical interface and robust reporting functions and enables users to determine the impact of discrete qualitative or quantitative events on future company performance. View demo!

ClariFI Factor Backtester

As a powerful and intuitive alpha research module, ClariFI’s Factor Backtesting workflows support the rapid testing of any combination of single and multi-factor model “signals” and factors using quantile analysis techniques. Visit or call 212-438-3490 to schedule a demo.