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Chesapeake System Solutions, Inc. Head Office

One Perimeter Park South, Suite 102

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Owings Mills


410-356-6805, x 109


Nancy Kay
[email protected]

Chesapeake IDM (internet data manager)

Provides the one-step bank information gathering solution, accommodating Internet-accessible source data. IDM works in the background to download and integrate information from virtually any commercial bank partner, credit card processor or any other entity that provides information on a Web site.

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Chesapeake’s SmartTreasury and SmartAnalysis products deliver the analytical power needed to streamline operations, centralize control, and reduce bank fees. Key Features: Auto bank transaction import Multi-currency cash position worksheets Centralized funds transfer (ACH,SWIFT,EDI) Cash pooling

Total Reconciliation Solution (T-Recs Enterprise)

T-Recs Enterprise is an all-in-one software application that allows firms to reconcile the entire balance sheet and meet their financial governance, enterprise risk and compliance needs in an integrated solution.

SmartAnalysis Bank Fee Analysis

Analyzes bank fees across all your banking relationships, comparing actual with expected charges, highlighting discrepancies and helping ensure volume discounts are properly applied. Sophisticated “what-if” functionality helps you identify and negotiate the best combination of prices and services.