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Cash Counting Machines – Loss Prevention & Reconciliation

Cashmaster specialise in providing banks with a means of counting and reconciling cash more efficiently. Our hi-line products can be fully integrated into middle/back office systems. Cashmaster offer all prospective customers the opportunity to use one or more of our machines on an extensive trial basis.

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Alpha 305

The Alpha 305 is more than a cash counting machine, it’s a customised cash management solution designed around your cash counting and reconciliation needs. It will increase operational efficiency, reduce cash shrinkage and reconcile takings from multiple tills with ease.

Omega 230

The Omega 230 is designed for businesses that demand a higher level of flexibility, particularly in the processing of non-cash items and pro-active management of cash on the shop floor. Allowing businesses to actively monitor till discrepancies and speed up random till checks throughout the day.

Sigma 105

The Cashmaster Sigma 105 is a fast and accurate cash counting machine, specifically designed to allow your business to save time, money and improve accountability. Designed for single till use, the Sigma 105 assists with cashing up, float preparation, instant cash checks and banking.