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Case Management for Financial Services


Case Management for Financial Services
Is your financial services organisation facing risks and challenges with ever-increasing information, claims, loans, transactions, mortgages, and everything that revolves around your customers? You may even encounter complex customer cases when a customer is involved with more than one claim or several loans.


In this case, your employees are definitely pressured to provide faster and efficient personalised services to customers to stay ahead of competition. However, it is difficult to improve speed of service delivery when applications are scattered in various storage devices and claims processing goes through multiple workflows for approvals. Delays in service are inevitable, especially when your workflows are manual processes.


Our is to present financial services industry with a competitive information strategy that involves the engagement of specilised user roles, single sourced content or documents, and multiple workflows in a structured business process that caters to customer cases in one single space.


Our Case Management solution is the ideal approach that helps to differentiate your services from competition. It is an end-to-end solution, that improves familiarity of your work environment and still be faster and efficient in personalised services.


Our solution:
  • Customer-centric: Case Management is built-in with our ‘Know-Your-Customer process to help you offer dedicated financial services to your customer.
  • Role focused: Once initiated, the case will be automatically navigated to the exact user role, responsible for processing or approving the content related to the case.
  • Paperless: Eliminates paper from the case-based workflow, and reduces costs of paper, realising true benefits of a paperless strategy, and improving visibility of risks.
  • One content hub: Maintain a single repository for different types of financial records, like claims, loans, contracts, incident reports, making it easy to find and attach content related to a specific case.
  • Multi-process: Streamlines multiple financial processes – applications, claims and payments associated with one customer case, saving time and effort of employees.
  • Employee friendly: Seamless integration with desktop using Office Workdesk improves flexibility, and user-adoption to provide a familiar work environment on Microsoft Office, improving their efficiency.
  • Content mobility: Improve mobile working practices, and introduce flexibility to access documents from anywhere anytime, through our mobile app.
    Join our webinar to learn more and ask your questions:
    Case and Contract management just got better with Alfresco Workdesk
    Wednesday, October 9th, 1400h UK


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