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Paris Head Office

21-25 Rue Balzac. Immeuble Etoile - St. Honore
75406 Paris Cedex 08 ,


+33 1 44 43 44 66


Jenny Bedran
[email protected]

CapitalBanker Islamic™

CapitalBanker Islamic™ is a Shari’ah compliant banking solution for retail, corporate and international banking operations.
Murabahah, Wadiah , Musawamah Wakalah, Wadiah , Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek , Musharakah and Diminishing Musharakah, Mudarabah, Tawarruq, Salam and parallel salam

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CapitalClearing™ is an integrated solution for the processing and clearing of checks.


CapitalCRM™, our Client On-Boarding and Relationship Management Solution, delivers multi-dimensional information about your clients, organized according to your parameters with a complete Know Your Client (KYC), client scoring and other assessment data.


CapitalLending™, our Loan Origination solution, empowers the automation of the lending processes across all channels. Our products are fully integrated with each other and with other 3rd party applications through CapitalConnect, our Enterprise Application integration platform. We offer out of the box integration with a number of front-office and back-office solutions as well as with …