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Adrian M Birrer
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CAIRE Reporting Tool

The CAIRE Reporting Tool enables the fast and precise layout of high quality reports with Microsoft Office Word and Excel. All the templates are in modular form, are centrally stored and can be reused. The benefits are powerful layout possibilities, re-use of templates, automated production.

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CAIRE Product Suite

Our CAIRE™ product-suite provides comprehensive analysis and reporting functionalities for the investment process. It forms an excellent basis for integrated solutions in the fields of client reporting, portfolio management, performance & analytics and investment analysis.

BMPI Services Office Consulting

Office products like Microsoft Word or Excel are referred to as productivity tools, although their use often generates additional work. Adhering to layout standards and recurring manual tasks produce high expenses in the Office sector. We help you to standardise and automate these processes.

CAIRE Data Warehouse

The CAIRE Data Warehouse offers a complete data model for the needs in investment reporting, portfolio management and related fields. It models entities like portfolios, consolidations, benchmarks, instruments, time series data, transactions, holdings, return data etc. inclusive strong data mapping.