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Business Restructure


In your business a merger, acquisition or divestiture is one of the most significant and disruptive events you will experience. And they are rarely completely successful. According to some reports, between 50% – 70% of restructurings either fail outright or fall short of their goals.

One of the biggest challenges – and potential risks – is maintaining business as usual (BAU) whilst the restructuring is taking place.

Fundamentally, there are two key components that are the foundation stones for a successful restructure:

  1. Strategy definition: defining a clear and achievable strategy that encompasses all aspects of the change, from organisation design through to the logistics and the technology that will support the evolved business, is essential.
  2. Strong governance: is vital. Keeping the project and all relevant teams involved in the programme on track is a crucial component of a business restructure. Integration services that typically include programme management office, quality assurance and testing are key aspects in establishing this governance and supporting the strategy.

The service:

Focuses on programme delivery. Our people have been involved in some of the UK’s largest business restructuring programmes. Bringing this experience is vital in helping you gain the maximum benefit from your business restructure.

  • Identify the critical factors
  • Establish the most efficient programme structure
  • Define a communication strategy
  • Ensure that the benefits are defined and monitored through the life of the programme

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